Article: Give me some time… pls…

Yesterday, I read some article about love… title is “Please gives me some time…”

Briefly, when a girl found out her bf has another girl, & the boy tell the girl “please gives me some time to think…” <–actually he already tell the answer. He just feel sorry to say “let’s break up.” to his gf. So, when you hear that your gf/bf told you to let him/her to have some time to think/arrange/consider… He/she already make decision, he/she just want to drag the issue only… until… don’t know…

So, please do not wait for them anymore… not worth…

p/s: but for my case, even how many times I say “gives me some time…” she still standby me, & ….. which I decide to choose left me… <– Why this happen to me?


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