Scary Movie 4 (Night after OT)

I love to watch comedy… Comedy ease my life which full of problem…

Yesterday(Emm…consider this morning), I reached home around 03:00am. After bath, I eat my late supper/my early breakfast… Then I notice that I haven’t watch the “Scary Movie 4” which I brought few days ago… So, I start to watch that movie from 03:30am… Wooo… that movie really improve a lot from the previous, this time the based story based on the “War of the world”… but added in many stupid/silly ideas… Haha… I love this movie, this movie make me think of “Hot shot” which is the same type of movie… they use other famous top ranking movie story-line as base and added/modified it become stupid movie…

I watch until 04:15am, all my body and mind already run out of energy… I shut off everything in my room and shut of my own processor (my mind)… and I slept…


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