I called again…

Yesterday, Dunno why… keep on staring on my desktop, then pick up the phone & call… Wa… really longtime never hear her voice, the voice which 24.7 also so nice to hear about…
We talked, We Laughed, We tease each other & I hang up the phone finally…

Conversation between us is not allow… and not advisable… not wise too… but we continue to maintain this… until I change my phone-line, I think… <– this should be the best way for all of us… Coz, no matter when,where,how…once I received her sms, I’ll respond automatically without think twice <—this is dangerous act…

This morning, My mum asked me about this; she said “how you fall in love with a stranger which you never met before? I also do not understand. If you didn’t admit this, I won’t believe at all, even Agnes told me this. But now I understand & believe, it happened. Oh, god!” Haha… Alan <—already become a bad boy in everyone mind, I deserved it, I won’t regret too…

Now, I’m in the office again… Doing nothing, but my mind working very hard to think, consider, re-call all the memories in me… All the things which happened just like slide show flashing in my mind and gone… just like formatting hard-disk… Hopefully this worked! & I’ll be break free..


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