I dun meant it!

I am so unlucky recently, all the bad things happened at the same time… been dumped by someone, going to be dump by another one, moreover tonnes of work problem awaiting me to solve…

Just now Agnes informed me that she is sick (not feeling well, maybe fever)… I know, I worry but lot of meeting have to attend… thought of settle problem asap and go home earlier for her… Suddenly incoming sms during meeting… “I’m sick but you oso dun sms me, but you can call to sabah always. What you mean?” <–> By reading this sms, my heart was so pain… why she got this kind of thinking? is not true! Alan did not sms/call Agnes mainly due to too busy…

Yes, is true that I used to call to sabah most of the time before this… eventhough now, I oso always think of call to sabah most of the time… but that sweet moment would not repeat anymore.. now, I call to there will only create fantasy story in my dream which will make me confuse again… I can not let myself go back to that time…

I love Agnes with my fullest heart.
and… haiz…


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