Please think twice…

People just don’t understand that the possibilities for 2 people to come together is so low, meaning 1/million of chances you can meet someone in your life… We should be happy when we meet with someone…

If the someone can become your steady, you should be thankful… 1/billion % the person can be your partner, no matter how long you two can maintain the relationship… God let you have the chance to meet, like, love, care for that person… This is the time that you should proof that god didn’t make any mistake on this issue… Try your best to love/care for that person… accept everything from that person…

Think about this “do you wish to live together with this person for this life? if yes, just accept every single little thing of her/him. no question need to be asked. Coz when you start to ask question, meaning that person is already not fix to you anymore… Love is everything, above all.” Do you still think you got other thing more important than this? correct me if I’m wrong.

People out there… be wise! Think twice before you decide something… 1 second decision make a life disaster…

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