4 months & 22 days,四个月又二十二天。。。

Emmm.. Thank god to let me have a happy moments on 17th March 06 ~ 8th August 06 (total of 4 mths & 22 days)

I go thru a lot of things in this moment, I started, I realized, I work on it,I happy, I failed, I faced problem, I re-try, I failed again, I struggle, I confuse, I worry, I make commandment, Then I realized, I know, I feel, I cried, I give up…
I’m tired, very tired… Happy time is so short but the impact is so great… I would not forget/regret, this is my experience, my precious experience… I had paid a very great price for this experience… Now, I might be alone, single, available again… but I’m tired, really tired… Please let me rest, I’m tired of thinking, missing, loving, chatting, communicate, planning & etc etc…

Anyhow, I really feel happy to have these 4 mths & 22 days… In name of jesus I pray ” Please let me have my life, my pace back! I beg you! amen.”

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